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1. Extent of Warranty

Bro Bärgningsbyggen AB is responsible for faults which exists upon delivery or occur / appear during the warranty period.Bro Bärgningsbyggen AB is not responsible for errors due to the following:

  • The maintenance instructions and instructions from attached manual have not been followed.
  • That the body arbitrarily has been altered or changed.
  • That repairs have been made without written approval from the Bro Bärgningsbyggen AB
  • That our sub-suppliers has the right to examine the defective component prior approval of warranty claims.

2. Measures

Bro Bärgningsbyggen AB determines the action to be taken to remedy the faults. Inspection of warranty must always be initiated by Bro Bärgningsbyggen AB or by Bro Bärgningsbyggen AB recommended local company before action is taken. Action shall be made within a reasonable time and at no cost or significant inconvenience to the buyer. In determining a reasonable time, regard shall be given to the customer to authenticate the error, the nature and extent of the fault for the cause.

The customer is responsible for all travel and transportation costs associated with this complaint and are not entitled to compensation for lost income or other expenses related thereto. The customer is not entitled to indemnification for loss in his business.

3. Dispute

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these provisions, the parties shall first seek solution to a common agreement. In other cases where legal action taken must be resolved in a Swedish court.

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