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Technical information

BB 55

Lifting capacity
5 ton
Lifting height, approx.
1 m


Loading capacity platform
5 ton


Weight recovery unit
4,5 ton


Suitable chassis should have 12-15 ton total weight, wheel base 4,6 m, air suspension at front and rear, low section tyres for better loading angle and PTO for direct mounted pump. High speed approx. 1:1,3.


BB 9111
The platform is of straight construction. The slide profile and platform surface are made of extra high-tensile steel (EHS). The moulding is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion round the lashing holes. The platform is hydraulically slideable for easy on- and off-loading of vehicles.
  • Platform width 2,5 m
  • Platform length with wheel base 5,0 m and short cabin, approx. 6,1m
  • The platform sliding is performed by a hydraulic cylinder
  • Automatic platform tip via built-in check valves
  • Fittings for tyre winches at the sides
  • Three guide rollers at the rear of the platform
  • Support rollers at the rear of the platform
  • Front wall
  • Running board and handle at both sides of the front wall


The sub frame is made of rectangular hollow sections. The tip frame is provided with changeable slide pads. The recovery unit is mounted on the chassis according to the directions of the truck manufacturer.


BB 9141
The recovery unit is made of extra high tensile steel and hydraulically operated from control panel. There are two telescopic stiff legs, operated separately with over centre valves. The stiff legs are placed wide from each other and provided with ground pads. Two double acting cylinders with over centre valves.
BB 9144
A powerful folding boom cylinder with tilt capacity equivalent to 1 200 kg in the towing grid, inner position. The extendible boom is lockable in three positions and has a lifting bar. Total extendible length 600 mm. Lubrication points are moved to a place more easily accessible for maintenance and service.
BB 9153
The components of the recovery unit are sandblasted, primed and painted (Ral 9005) for maximum rust-resisting. The extendible parts and the lifting bar are chromated.


BB 9166
The compartments, made of 3 mm cold-rolled steel, have at least four separate storagerooms, of which one is for the directional control valve. The compartments are lockable, illuminated and provided with brackets for the lifting and towing equipment. Interior fittings and tool holders in our flexible system, mostly of stainless steel. The doors of stainless steel have rubber seals and red reflectors inside.
BB 9011
All locks are made of stainless steel and have key locks.


Platform winch

BB 9119
A planetary gear winch is mounted on the platform, max pulling capacity 6,0 ton. Guide rollers close to the rope drum. Pneumatic free spooling of the wire. Wire diameter 12 mm, length 30 m, break load 8 550 kp.

Frame winch

BB 9118
The second winch is mounted in the chassis frame, max pulling capacity 10 ton. Guide rollers at the rear of the recovery unit. Pneumatic free spooling of the wire. Wire diameter is 16 mm and length 30 m, break load 16 400 kp.


BB 9115
All electrical wires are protected against external effect by wire protection norm IP50 (DIN40050). The system’s fuses and relays as well as the original switch for the recovery unit are placed in the cabin. The recovery unit has a timer stating hours in use. Free spooling connections function only with PTO engaged. Two marker lights are folded in on each side.


  • Two stop / tail /turn lights, recessed
  • Two reflectors
  • Two working lights, recessed
  • A 15-pole connector, incl. 12/24 V adapter
  • Illuminated number plate at left rear

Front wall

  • Four working lights
  • Two red position lights highest point front wall
  • Six hooks for chains
BB 9069
A light bar, 2,2 m wide, at the front wall with four revolving lights and centre part for advertising text.


BB 9150
  • Hydraulic tank, volume ca 75 l
  • Hydraulic oil pipes, zinc coated DIN 2391/C
  • Suction and return hose with wrapped up steel spiral SAE 100/R4
  • High pressure hoses with pressed air couplings and two steel insertions SAE 100/2RL-R9R
  • High pressure filter 10 Hm
  • Return oil filter 10 Hm
  • Mineral oil
BB 9021
  • Hydraulic piston pump driven from PTO, with emergency stop function max 400 bar
BB 9029
  • Directional control valve Danfoss PVG32 with nine sections connected in parallel, built-in check valves and main relief valve
  • The levers are provided with spring return
  • Manometer, glycerine damped
BB 9128
Directional control valve (with operating unit) is as standard placed at the right hand side in the rear compartment area.


  • Main winch, in/out
  • Platform, in/out
  • Tip, up/down
  • Lifting boom, up/down
  • Folding boom, work/transport position
  • Extendible boom, in/out
  • Left stiff leg, up/down
  • Right stiff leg, up/down
  • Frame winch, in/out


BB 9168
The following tools and accessories are included in the standard equipment.
One pair of roll stop 66200
One pair of stop blocks, adjustable and lockable, galvanized 2.04.1178
One start cable set, 24 V, 7 m incl. 5 m extension cable  
Start booster, 12 V incl. charger  
Tow jaw attachment with 3 pins and 50/60 tow ball, chromated BB3529R
Six pairs of forks klykor 3.04.0003
Ett par glidskor BB2811
Air reel, 3/8” BB9080
Four pairs of tie down ratchet with hook M144302
Strap reeling device M165121
Guide roller for side pull, chromated 4.04.0227
Lifting bar, axial ball bearing BB2081
Separate grid halves for passenger cars, chromated 2.04.0135
One pair of fork holders, low, chromated 3.04.0128
One pair of fork holders, high, chromated 2.04.0126
Tow bar, DIN 40/40, placed in the sub frame, chromated 3.04.1144
Spade, iron bar, broom and hooks for chains etc, placed on front wall  
One pair of chains for lift bar. I-GG-GG-7/8-8-18


BB 9035
BB 9142
  • CE documentation
  • Once the recovery unit is completed and final painting done the final assembly is made
  • Duomatic, if chassis prepared for it


BB 9014
Trux top frame
BB 9045
Trux top frame with light bar
BB 9046
Trux aluminium gitter off road
BB 9079
Trux X-light
BB 9049
Vertical exhaust system, one side
BB 9052
Front weight
BB 9086
Stiff legs from cabin
BB 9056
Transfer of tanks


BB 9062
Adjustable light bar
BB 9123
Cabinet, left front wall
BB 9124
Cabinet, right front wall
BB 9125
Fixed front wall (not possible with overdeck)
BB 9126
Front wall, stainless steel
BB 9134
Grill front wall
BB 9148
Net shelf
BB 9149
Overdeck 8 ton in combination with BB9138


BB 9043
Tow hitch on folding boom
BB 9102
Cross bar for trailer hitch
BB 9103
Tiltable endpart
BB 9145
Folding and extendible boom with tilt 1 x 600


BB 9002
Central locking, pneumatic
BB 9012
Door lock, iron rod
BB 9048
Central locking, electric
BB 9071
Door lock plastic, manual
BB 9072
Door lock plastic, central locking
BB 9167
Compartments, stainless steel


BB 9081
Air Reel ½”, 15 m
BB 9082
Hose reel for oxygen gas /acetylene
BB 9083
Cable reel.
BB 9093
Compartment heating, one side
BB 9161
Drawer units in compartments
BB 9177
Tool board, door or wall
BB 9179
Shelf, mounted in compartment
BB 9184
Additional bracket with hooks


BB 9127
Winch, hydraulically slideable
BB 9173
Sepson winch H100PF, 12,5 ton
BB 9059
Sepson front winch H60P, 6 ton


BB 9054
Flash lights with two lamps
BB 9094
Light bar Vision alert, 1,524 m
BB 9084
Extra lights, four lamps
BB 9088
Flash lights, built-in, one pair
BB 9089
Xenon work lights, one pair
BB 9095
Extra revolving emergency light, one pair
BB 9146
Two flash lights built-in in original lamp
BB 9163
Two extra work lights
BB 9053
Video camera with monitor (black-white)
BB 9165
Video camera with monitor (colour)


BB 9003
Radio Remote Control Teleradio 2 channels
BB 9004
Radio Remote Control Teleradio 4 channels
BB 9005
Radio Remote Control Teleradio 6 channels
BB 9006
Radio Remote Control Teleradio 8 channels
BB 9007
Radio Remote Control Teleradio 20 channels
BB 9008
Radio Remote Control Teleradio 10 channels
BB 9066
Radio Remote Control Orbit, 8 channels
BB 9047
Radio Remote Control Micron, 12 channels
BB 9065
Radio Remote Control Micron, 16 channels
BB 9073
Radio Remote Control Proportional Linus, 12 channels
BB 9078
Remote Control by Cable, 10 channels


BB 9063
Hydraulic pump, double
BB 9075
Hydraulic connection
BB 9092
Engine PTO mounting kit
BB 9108
Pump, variable – 75 lit
BB 9109
Pump, variable – 120 lit
BB 9129
Control valve left side


BB 9164
Painting recovery unit, standard colour
BB 9098
Other colour than Ral 9005
BB 9100
Painting, front weight
BB 9101
Painting, complete cabin, clear paint
BB 9131
Polished, rustless rods
BB 9143
Painting, overdeck
BB 9151
Painting, extra colour compartments
BB 9155
Painting, extra colour cabin sides
BB 9156
Painting, complete cabin, one colour
BB 9157
Painting, plastic parts cabin
BB 9158
Painting, striping front
BB 9159
Painting, striping back


BB 9085
Crane installation
BB 9106
Work after inspection